Safety Net Grant Scheme

The Safety Net Grant Scheme is currently under review and no applications will be accepted.  Students can apply to receive support through the Fast Track Safety Net Grant.  There will be more information to come regarding a new Student Financial Hardship Assistance grant in the near future.

Need Financial Assistance? If you are having unexpected financial trouble, contact a TUU Student Advocate. Students who are suffering genuine financial hardship which is adversely affecting their ability to study may benefit from the Safety Net Grant Scheme.

If you wish to apply for the current COVID-19 Fast Track Safety Net please visit the FAST TRACK Safety Net Grant Scheme 2020 page here.

What is the Safety Net Grant Scheme (SNGS)?

The SNGS offers financial assistance for all students enrolled in a degree or award program at the University of Tasmania.  The grant is a one-off payment, not a loan. The grant is not aimed at providing ongoing financial support or tuition fees. Only one application within the course of 12 months is allowed, except in exceptional circumstances. The SNGS is a partnership between the University of Tasmania and the TUU with shared funding and resources.

How would it help me?

The grant is designed to provide emergency assistance to University of Tasmania students who experience unexpected financial difficulties which make it hard for them to continue concentrating on studying. You may apply for assistance with costs incurred in everyday basic living.  The grant also offers assistance with payment of study related costs such as text books etc.

Please note: There will be not payments made directly to the student. Not even reimbursements for costs that have already been taken care of by you. All accounts need to be outstanding.

Where does the money come from?

The Safety Net Grant Scheme is funded by Student Service and Amenity Fees (SSAF)

How does it work?

Click on the link down below to complete the SNGS application form.

If there are any outstanding questions in relation to your application a TUU Student Advocate will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your application to arrange a meeting to talk further.

Once your SNGS application is complete it will be presented by the TUU Student Advocate who assisted you with your SNGS application at the next SNGS assessment committee meeting.


What are the main criteria?

The main criteria for assistance under the Scheme are:

  • student demonstrates a genuine need
  • that capacity for continued study may be in jeopardy if the student’s financial situation is not resolved
  • It is a one-off payment, not a loan
  • Only one application per year is allowed, except in exceptional circumstances.

The scheme will not fund the payment of the following costs:

  • General fines including Library and Parking fines
  • HECS/HELPS/Tuition or Amenities Fees (SSAF)
  • Payments to credit cards.
  • Loan payments

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled
  • Successful completion of one study period
  • Demonstrate exceptional financial hardship
  • Capacity for continued study may be in jeopardy if the student’s financial situation is not resolved

What kind of documents do I have to show?

In order to be able to demonstrate your eligibility and exceptional circumstances, you will need to provide the SNGS assessment committee with:

  • SNGS application form
  • Statement regarding your personal circumstances and what happened to you that you find yourself in the situation you are in
  • Actual or screen shots of bank statements for all your current bank accounts for last 4 weeks. Must include the most recent use of your accounts
  • Budget (income vs expenditure per fortnight see Part 2 of the SNGS application form)
  • Income (Centrelink statement, scholarship award letter, payslips etc.)
  • If claiming for rental support, you must include payment details for your landlord. If you are subletting, grant payments cannot be made to another tenant.

Those document are non-negotiable unless you find yourself in circumstances where you can’t get hold of those documents.

Depending on your circumstances and the items you want to have covered under the SNGS you will need to provide the SNGS assessment committee with documents evidencing those costs, e. g. quotes for text books, lease agreement for rent, bills etc.

What are my chances?

Each application is assessed against the eligibility criteria and judged on its own merits. The approval of a grant and the value of it depends on the student’s circumstances, the type of assistance required and the availability of funds.

Who’s the SNGS assessment committee?

The SNGS assessment committee is made up of Student Representatives, TUU Student Advocates, University of Tasmania Student Services staff and University of Tasmania Financial Services staff. All members of the SNGS assessment committee have signed a confidentiality agreement and thus your information is treated with the strictest confidence.

When will I know if it's approved?

The Committee meets on a weekly basis, so you may have an answer to your application within a week of applying. Occasionally it may take longer, but the Committee is set up to look at your case as soon as possible.

Where can I get assistance with a SNGS application?

Phone or email a TUU Student Advocate

(03) 6226 2855 or (03) 6226 6407

For more information on Emergency Relief Agencies in the community please click here


Members of the Safety Net Grant Scheme Assessment Committee and all other staff who are either directly or indirectly involved in administration of the Scheme will maintain confidentiality and discretion in all matters relating to the Scheme.

Ready to apply?

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